"Forms that differenciate beings matter little if their thoughts unite to build a universe" - Y. Tsuno
Dragon Age: Inquisition (live orchestra)
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Dragon Age: Inquisition Orchestral Trailer Theme | E3 2014

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"release date pushed back to november 18th"


If Dragon Age 2 Characters All had Animal Companions…


Aveline: strong and admirable with a wolf at her side. He is extremely loyal and aids her in leadership. As Aveline rallies her troops and patrols the city the canine trots dutifully at her side. The wolf has a soft spot for Donnic who knows exactly where to scratch on their chin.

Merrill: often falling in love with unique things. No one is surprised when she brings a giant spiderling home and names it fluffy. They are taken aback, however, when it begins to exhibit almost dog-like qualities and learns to play fetch. Hawke’s mabari becomes its best friend.

Fenris: full of surprises and finding friendship in unusual places. A young badger now accompanies him in his mansion. He found it injured on the road and permanently blind. As it heals, the badger becomes a fierce battle companion with honed smelling and hearing abilities. Varric makes up a rumor that it will only eat the hearts of his master’s victims.

Varric: a fox wrapped around his feet as he spins tales. It stares at the Hanged Man occupants with witty eyes that reflect his own. The creature is a little too smart, as Varric often finds valuables tucked under his blankets and angry patrons banging on his door.

Bethany: her anxiety of the templars slowly subsiding the more time she spends with her rabbit. When stressed, she curls up with it and runs her fingers through its fur slowly. Hawke usually finds her asleep after a long day with the soft creature nestled in the crook of her neck.

Sebastian: quietly praying to the maker with a falcon perched on his shoulder. The chantry members are still weary of the raptor, but have grown accustomed to its presence. It often leaves dead mice offerings for the Maker much to Elthina’s dismay, although Sebastian is secretly touched that it makes an effort.

Isabela: a sight to behold when she enters the Hanged Man with a boa hanging across her back and wrapped around her right arm. Her golden jewelry glints off its eyes when she moves. To Isabela’s glee, the Red Tail learns to nip the fingers of unwanted advances. Some men swear it smiles just like she does.

Carver: stubborn to his core, decides that if Hawke gets a mabari then he shall tame something fiercer. When he finds a herd of wild boar and fails to catch one, a young black bear paws him out of the mud. After a peace offering of food, it follows him home. Hawke finds them in front of the fireplace sleeping that night, still covered in mud.

Anders: finally reunited with a cat, but not the one he expected. He is often seen exhausted in his clinic with the large creature nestled at his feet. Sometimes the ocelot is seen stalking outside the door, watching for templars. Some days Anders finds Merrill securing bows in its fur.


Help. Fenris and Aveline will not stop this screaming match. Is it some kind of warrior mating call? Make it stop.


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Sibylla Surana and Jowan for Sibylla-Surana

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aveline: my mother is long dead

isabela: my mother is also long dead

anders: i have to assume my mother is also long dead

fenris: i have no memories of my mother

merrill: i am a motherless outcast and some shit went down and now my mother figure is pretty dead

sebastian: what happened to my mother was murder!

varric: oh boy do i have issues with my alcoholic mother

hawke: well i don’t know what’s wrong with you guys my mother is just fi—

hawke: shit


It was a pretty reasonable assumption.